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    Based in Shiogama, Miyagi, Chair Bank is an upholstery firm specialized in repairing and restoring chairs. After a thorough examination of every inch, nook and cranny of each piece, we carefully select the most appropriate option and technique to be used to give your chair a revitalized look and second life. We pride ourselves in performing each step of our work exclusively by hand. Chairs are so much part of our everyday life and taken for granted that we often let them slip into near disrepair through neglect. You will be astonished to see though how a re-upholstered chair can bring renewed joy to you every day for many more years to come!

    Yu Sakurai

    The chief tapissier-décorateur, Yu Sakurai is a certified chair-restorer. Having studied in Tokyo for 7 years under the tutelage of Touichi Inoue, the renowned master of upholstery, striking it out on his own in Shiogama is already a great adventure for him. Yet, Sakurai is determined, not only to continue to better himself as a tapissier-decorateur, but to contribute to the area he lives in by bringing in new values and perspectives to a community struggling with aging and depopulation.

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